We are the middle pillar

No matter what we do, no matter what

We are the possibility of depolarizing reality, we are, because we bring in us the junction of spirit and matter, of feminine and masculine, of good and evil. We are the middle pillar.
right and left
It's never been right or left, good or bad, divine and mundane.
It's always been AND or DNA. That is a sacred word, a sacred world.
We choose what we do with our power each moment, each breath. We take it, honor it, live it or give it away. It does not matter from the divine perspective, it is already there in balance, in union in US. US the grail "U" and the serpent "S" The truth is always exposed, clear and open because the only way our power can be use for a dream that does not belong to us is by our FREE WILL, yes we will our power away. How does this work? you might say. By accepting premises as real.
The word Progress, we have taken it and accepted it......do you really know what it means?????

PRO: in favor of
GRESS: from Latin Grossus : heavy, big, large

Are you a progressive person?
Do you believe progress to be of importance?
Well you have just fed with your power, SPIRITUAL POWER that is !!! To the heavy, the big, the large of reality.

We are free we have always been, we will always be.
Depolarizing will bring us back home.
All my love in all.ways, always.