What moves me...

Human potential, the manifestation of intuition a sense of belonging and caring.

A planetary awakening.

The basic or most important theme of my incarnation is the return of the sacred attitude.
This is really why  I incarnated, not just to do healing techniques but to connect to the sacred attitude while doing these techniques. That something is not understandable, no rational, no controllable an attitude that life is based upon a mystery, not a fact o realization. Its a sacredness, but is an attitude and can not really be put into words.
What can not be understood is sacred.
But the attitude is I don't want to understand it because I will destroy the sacredness.
The change I am trying to promote is The feeling of the sacredness, the connection with some mystery that I am awed and inspired by something, a presence, a feeling, the sacredness.
To incorporate this into my life, with my children, with my sexuality, with my healing work, with my femininity. That there is something Transcendental, a mystery, an unknowable,  something that is honorable, a sense of devotion.  Some are of the heart, but maybe deeper than the heart, an extreme dedication, an extreme surrender, an extreme compassion or maybe even an extreme confidence.

I have been with many great teachers, in this and other lives time. That is why it is easy for me to assimilate concepts and ideas and philosophies.

I will use some of these ancient teachings to try to guide as to this sacredness. The return of the Sacredness.
One of my great teachers, a Zen master always answered my questions with the same reply ‡
Who is asking?
This frustrated me for a long time. I did not want my questions answered with another question, yet he will insist that until I was not aware of whom was asking, why should he reply.

Who is changing, who is returning to sacredness. Sacredness generates a question of our identity. Our identity is created out of our believes and is given form and structure out of our intentions.
The sacredness its an attitude and an intention, but you arrive at this by asking who is changing?
We can use this as a guideline, while doing this process of returning to Sacredness. Who is changing?
This question could be answered in thousand or hundreds of thousand of different ways. Who is changing?
Because identity can be a moment to moment experience and we can become aware of this.

Sacredness is related to whom we believe we are. Just another human being struggling along in life or you are here to contribute something, to help, to heal, to guide. We either have something to offer or we are missing something. This is an identity.

Sacredness is fullness.

Another one of my teachers, a female, in a different life stile setting that had to do with temples, ceremonies, rituals, with expanding consciousness and connecting with other dimensions of consciousness.
I was a very applied student. Her teachings were quite special....

If we can take pleasure in who we are, then who we are becomes a pleasurable experience, so we are not trying to achieve, that should be taken away.
We are trying to express.
A pleasurable and an enjoyment of who we are is really important.

For a sacred expression to manifest we need to understand we are not struggling, we are dancing.
Simple, direct wisdom.
Sacredness is fullness.

Another teacher spoke very loudly (almost yelling) to me regarding the concept of responsibility and obligation.
You are so motivated by obligation and responsibility that you can not appreciate opportunity and potential.
In the idea of change we have to see if we are motivated by obligation and responsibility. This is not what we really need. We are more aligned with opportunity and potential if we are to advance towards Sacredness.
We need to look at this attitude. What is moving, what motivate us?
As we choose to be motivated by potential and opportunity from inside of us, we become the space where Sacredness can reside.